Aayenda Jewelry has been featured on the front cover of multiple issues of Cosmopolitan and other magazines and ia number of feature articles since our launch. Below is a selection of write ups about our story and the brand

The Afghan lapis Livemint 03 June 2016
Art of bead making: Khala Zada's journey from Afghanistan to Amrapali
The Indian Express 27 May 2016
Afghan-made jewelry line empowers women
Jackson Hole News & Guide 15 July 2015
Gems of Hope Rapaport Magazine 11 August 2014
This is their time to shine: How a charity is giving Afghan women the chance to make and sell traditional jewellery Mail Online 14 September 2013
Afghan jewelry makes its way to New York, London
The Tribune India, 23 July 2013
Afghanistan ready to cash in on its sparkling assets
The Times, 22 July 2013
Afghan history inspires new jewelry collection
Professional Jeweler, 21 August 2013

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